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About this blog

The Levelling Up Advisory Council (the ‘LUAC’) is an expert body that provides the Government with independent research and advice to inform the design and delivery of levelling up policy. The LUAC is an independent, non-statutory body, established by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in 2022 to act as a critical friend to the levelling up agenda and explore emerging issues.  

 As outlined in the Levelling Up White Paper, the Council has established sub-groups to look in more detail at a number of issues, drawing on wider external expertise. 

 These are as set out below and will be regularly updated: 

  •  Private Finance: The role of private sector capital in levelling up and strategies for encouraging more institutional investment – particularly to explore options for unlocking capital for SMEs (financial capital, Living Standards mission)  
  • Social infrastructure: Local communities and social infrastructure – the role of neighbourhood policies and strategies (social capital, Pride in Place mission)  
  • Research and Development (R&D): Regional adoption and diffusion infrastructure – exploring how to improve the uptake of productivity-enhancing technologies and management practices by businesses (physical and intangible capital, R&D and Living Standards missions)  
  • London: How to ensure London’s complex economic geography and socio-economic spectrum can further benefit from levelling up, in the context of broader thinking about levelling up implementation in different places in the UK (cross-cutting)  
  • Rural: As set out in the Delivering for Rural England report, the Council has also committed to working with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to consider how they can offer insight into the design and delivery of levelling up in rural areas.  

This blog will share expert views, challenges, and insights from the LUAC council members on the progress of Levelling Up. Alongside this, council members will provide updates on the progress of the Council’s dedicated workstreams and how they feed into the wider Levelling Up agenda. For more information on the Levelling Up Advisory Council and its members please see our page.